Zenith International Games started from a desire to create a collaborative competition series that will grow and expand with the sport and the athletes. The objective is for partner gyms and organizations to work together to develop competitions that meet the needs of gyms, organizations and athletes alike while working towards world recognized competitions.

APEX School of Movement, San Diego has been hosting and running Parkour competitions since 2018, the same year of opening. Competitions at APEX San Diego have been the premiere events in Southern California. We create exciting and thrilling competitions which run smoothly and on time.

APEX San Diego innovated competition adminstration with systems improving the flow for checking in and score keeping. A tiered check-in process which decreased lines and sped up the process at the door. A proprietary spreadsheet quickly and accurately calculating scores and rankings.

The Zenith Games hopes to share these systems and learn the systems from other Parkour organizations to create a better competition series. We also want the series to grow and evolve through collaboration and innovation. The ultimate purpose is to develop a Parkour competition model for the world and the Olympics. Founded from Parkour athletes and organizations.


Zenith International Games navigates with a 3 event competition format: Skills Challenges, Speed Courses and Freestyle.

Skills are made up of 5 or 6 categories with five challenge levels each.

There are 3 courses in Speed. They vary in type of course dependent on the partner gym.

Athletes get the floor and spotlight for 45 seconds to showcase their talent in a Freestyle line. Judging is based on flow, difficulty, creativity and execution.


ZIG collaborative competition series. We are looking for gyms who are interested in hosting qualifying events and becoming partners in evolving this series and the sport of Parkour.

We are building the 2024 season now. The series kicks off Jan 2024. The Series Championships returns to San Diego on June 29th-30th.